Self Drive Ski Holiday To Austria – 5 Tips For Your Next Holiday

It is not easy to predict what COVID-19 will mean for next winter’s ski trips. However, we have written a blog post about your next self drive ski holiday to Austria.

We believe that the lost ski season this year can be made up next winter in a COVID-19-safe way with good planning. We have some advice for your next ski holiday. 

The safest choice is to travel with and live in isolation with someone you know well from back home. You can also transport yourself to Austria and avoid the risk of attracting COVID-19 at the airport.

In this newsletter we have collected the 5 best tips for a self drive ski holiday to Austria. We suggest a self drive ski holiday to Salzburgerland in cozy company with family or a group of friends. You should of course live in AlpenTravel’s houses and apartments – e.g. a large chalet in Wagrain.

self drive ski holiday to austria

Tip 1 – Self drive ski holiday to Austria and an apartment – why?

We see many benefits in self drive ski holidays, where you have to stay in one of AlpenTravel’s larger holiday cabins. When you have to take care of the catering yourself, you can optimize your packaging and shopping by driving.

First of all, you can pack as much as you want. The only limitation is the space in your car. It allows you to pack all the things that you always miss when you are on vacation. It could be your own coffee machine or a juicer you cannot live without.

You can also bring a selection of your favorite spices to the kitchen. Then you do not have to buy a kilo of salt in the supermarket and leave the 990 grams that you did not use on the holiday.

Conversely, you can also take home the items that you bought on holiday and did not finish. You even have the opportunity to pack your own tea, coffee, snacks or allergy-friendly products.

We all know the feeling of longing for your coffee machine from home, when you have to make do with 6-year-old instant coffee on holiday. You can even drink your coffee from the mug you got as a Christmas present from your son – just pack it in the car.

You cannot buy everything yourself in small ski towns in Salzburgerland, so we love to pack our most important things on our ski holiday. An example would be your children’s favorite toy or your shampoo that you cannot bring with you on a plane.

Comfort is the key word. We all know how hard a holiday can be without the favorite teddy bear for your child. No more deciding if there is room in your luggage on the plane.

teddy bear toys

The self drive ski holiday also has the advantage that you can shop in larger supermarkets just outside your city. These have a larger selection and cheaper prices than the supermarkets you will see in the resort centers close to your city.

Finally, you can also drive around to the various ski areas in Ski Amadé, to which your ski pass is valid.

Tip 2 – Find the right accommodation for your ski holiday

AlpenTravel has lots of large and beautiful holiday chalets and apartments with fantastic locations. There are both newly constructed ones and older ones across destinations in Salzburgerland.

haus bergblick-bad hofgastein
Apartment Dorf Wagrain Alpenleben

Click on the pictures to read more about the displayed locations.

You can find exactly the chalet or apartment that suit your needs. We can accommodate up to 24 people in the same house.

Tip 3 – Know everything about your accommodation

Many other accommodations come with different equipment and mixed information about size, appearance and furniture.
On AlpenTravel’s website you will always find floor plans, detailed descriptions and detailed photos.

You can go on a skiing holiday with us and know in advance exactly what you are arriving to.

Life is too short to worry about whether there are 2 or 4 hot plates. You will always know if there is a microwave, electric oven and whether there is a refrigerator with or without a freezer.

It is always nice to know what one arrives to of crockery, pots, pans and other utensils or equipment. It would be a pity to finally arrive and not be able to open your canned corn or the good bottle of red wine one has brought from home.

Our apartments are well equipped and often also have a coffee machine, which is always a delight.

You can always ask us about each locations and its inventory and equipment.

floor plan-alpentravel

Tip 4 – Pack your own equipment from home

Now we’re getting serious. This is one of the biggest benefits for your self drive ski holiday.

No more leaving your favorite ski equipment at home because ski transportation on the plane is too expensive or it is sold out.

No need to rent equipment when you can save money and take your own much-loved ski equipment with you in the car.

We can therefore highly recommend a self drive ski holiday, where you have packed your own ski equipment.

skiing equipment

Tip 5 – Enjoy the benefit of extra service at AlpenTravel

Did you know that AlpenTravel offers many additional services for you? In addition to our large selection of holiday cabins, chalets and apartments, we also offer something extra.

We offer:

The perfect way to enjoy your holiday even more.

breakfast-ski holiday

Thanks for reading.

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