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At AlpenTravel, we combine our professional experience and competencies with several different partners. In the rental phase, we use our own website, while also integrating other sales channels, thereby achieving greater visibility and accessibility for the products. Among other things, we collaborate with various Online Travel Agencies such as and Expedia as well as various national and international travel agencies. In this way, we achieve contact with a much larger target group, and you will find that the occupancy rate and earnings through this will be optimized.

At Alpentravel we have carefully selected our partners so we believe there is a match between the product and sales channels. We strive for a higher occupancy rate s throughout the year.

In addition to marketing the holiday home on our website and through various partners, we also regularly send newsletters to people in our database, which consists of stakeholders and previous guests.

Our network is an important part of our rental and we also integrate social media into our communications and marketing. 

Our service

In addition to disseminating your holiday home, our sales and service department also handles the following tasks:

Key delivery

AlpenTravel stands for key delivery and check in and out at the destination. We prepare arrival lists and we make registration and collection of kurtax, which we pass on to the local authorities.


After each stay, we clean the apartment and check that it is ready for the next guests. Twice a year, a main cleaning of the apartment is made. The main cleaning is charged separately with the owner.

The cleaning after each stay is charged to the guest.

Check of apartment

At the end of each stay, we check the apartment to see if there are any thing, which needs to be fixed and whether the tableware is intact. We make sure that repairs are made and refilling of tableware.

Refilling of tableware and repairing of defects are charged separately.


AlpenTravel is responsible for collection of the booked accommodation and we also handle the collection of fees in case of cancellation. We settle monthly with the owners. Here we also refer to the contract. 

Customer service

We are present in Austria and are of course available so that our guests always experience a high level of service and standard. Our staff has an international background and we speak the Nordic languages as well as English and German.

We can help with problems that have arisen, as well as questions about eg restaurants, shops, ski lifts, tours and experience packages.

Bed linen / towels

It is possible to pre-order bed linen and towels at AlpenTravel. We make sure that everything is ready in the holiday home at arrival.

Your advantages

AlpenTravel gives you access to our booking system, where you can always get an overall overview of the rental. Here it is also possible to make your own bookings.

By entering into a contract with Alpentravel, you will receive a login and password and a guide for using our user-friendly booking system

We always make sure to adjust the supply of our holiday homes as they are booked, so that you as a customer, and also our potential guests can always see the correct offer.

We optimize the earnings of your holiday home, and AlpenTravel assumes all communication and ensures that your holiday home is exposed globally.

We offer customer service with international staff and we speak German, English and the Nordic languages.

When entering into a contract with Alpentravel, all practical and administrative work passes to AlpenTravel and we ensure the guest, a high standard of service. 

Prices / Provision

We offer competitive commissions for the rental of the holiday home.

The fee covers as previously described:

• Key delivery

• Customer Service

• Marketing costs for AlpenTravels sales channels

• Check of apartment (ex. Remedy)

• Ordering of cleaning and preparation of apartment

• Collection

• Settlement

When renting your apartment to friends and acquaintances (owners rental) 12% of the gross rent is charged from the list price. Cleaning is mandatory and is collected from the guest by AlpenTravel.

As an owner, you always have the opportunity to book your apartment in vacant periods, through the system. For your own use, AlpenTravel will charge no fee. The owner decides by owner use whether you want to make use of AlpenTravels cleaning (for a fee) or if you want to do this yourself.

AlpenTravel prepares rental prices for rental of the holiday home once a year, which is approved by the owner / board of the owner association.

So what do you get when you rent your property out through us?

• You will get funded part of your costs

• We offer competent all-round service

• We want to make sure that your holiday home is optimally occupied during the periods, when you do not want to use your accommodation yourself

• We provide thorough and professional cleaning after each stay

• Ensure repairs of any damages and ensure that the responsible tenant pays for the costs

• We handle all administrative tasks in connection with renting out your apartment, in a competent and reliable way, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

• We rent out through our own website, various travel agencies in Denmark and abroad and various OTAs, which means that we hit wide and thereby optimize the occupancy.

Rental through AlpenTravel

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