Ski holiday with children

When the next ski holiday is with the whole family, where both young and old are gathered, it is important to have your children’s needs in the center. That way, the children are happy and satisfied, which removes a lot of weight from the parents’ shoulders. And it’s actually not that hard to put your children’s needs first – you can even get them in advance even before departure. It makes it easier to enjoy the days in the snow with the whole family. So read on here, and get tips and tricks for a good skiing holiday with children.

Are you skiing for the first time with your children?

Are you used to going on a skiing holiday with other adults, and are you suddenly on a skiing holiday with children for the first time? Then there is a world of difference. Instead of the endless walks up and down the slopes, good lunch restaurants and festive après ski, you now stand with a child in a harness, slow motion plowing and early bedtimes. There is therefore a big difference between whether children are on the ski holiday or not.

When your skiing holiday is with children, just pay attention to how you tackle the difference. So start by getting mentally ready for a new and different ski holiday, where togetherness and cosiness are in focus. And keep in mind that your task now is to help the children have a healthy and good relationship with skiing holidays, slopes and skiing. Then replace the beer with hot cocoa, set course for the child-friendly hills, and book a hotel at one of our destinations that is perfect for skiing holidays with both very young and older children.

Suggested accommodation

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Chalet Dorf Wagrain Alpenleben

Chalet Dorf Wagrain Alpenleben is located only 80 meter from the Grafenberg lift and has the possibility of ski-in ski-out. The chalets are spacious and can accommodate up to 12 persons.

Challet from the outside
Haus Wallner outside winter

Haus Wallner

Great and spacious apartments located in the center of Bad Hofgastein, with only 500 meters to the mainlift in Hofgastein and only 400 meters to the busterminal, from where you can easily get to the child friendly area Angertal.

Apartment Dorf Wagrain Alpenleben

Chalet Dorf Wagrain Alpenleben is located only 80 meter from the Grafenberg lift and has the possibility of ski-in ski-out. These wonderful apartments, can accommodate up to 10 persons.

Chalet Dorf outside covered in snow

Adapt the ski holiday to the children

When the setting for your skiing holiday is both fun and safe, children as well as adults can be happy and relaxed. That is why AlpenTravel has found four good guidelines that you can check before departure, which make it as easy as possible to have the children on skis.

  1. Pick a destination with manageable transportation time.
  2. Make sure the ski destination has carpet, tow and chair lifts.
  3. Accommodate the whole family close to the children’s hills.
  4. Ski on wide and beginner-friendly slopes.

Destinations for ski holidays with the whole family

The destination of your ski holiday with children is of great importance to whether you encounter an excess of possibilities or limitations. When you go on a child-friendly ski holiday, it is important that the destination can offer what you need. For example, there is no need to have access to a wealth of slopes if your children only ski on the first part of the children’s slope. Therefore, it is important to find a ski destination where you find exactly the facilities that the family needs.

Ski holiday with small children in Wagrain

Wagrain is exemplary when it comes to having a skiing holiday on the children’s terms. Here are good child – friendly hotels, Danish ski school, several beginner lifts and large children’s areas on several of the slopes. The Danish ski school is one of Wagrain’s biggest draws when it comes to Danish visitors. This is because there is room for children at all levels, where the various teaching packages extend over private lessons as well as full-time group teaching.

The child-friendly options in Wagrain therefore also result in many children – which gives your children a wealth of new playmates. Here the children can thus easily feel in focus – all day long – which gives you a skiing holiday with tired, happy and red-cheeked children who sleep heavily at night.

Pick a Danish ski school

When you have a ski holiday with children, it is a good idea to check out which destinations can offer Danish ski school. Regardless of whether the children are skiing for the first time or feel at home on the slopes, a Danish ski school can be a good activity on the ski holiday. Here the children can get new playmates, which can make them more confident on the track, and at the same time the children’s well-being is taken care of by people with education and experience in the field.

For this reason, a ski instructor can quickly become the parents’ best friend when the whole family is on a skiing holiday. The educational staff can guide your children so that they have good experiences and feel safe on the snow-covered hills. On a ski holiday with children – especially for the first time – it is therefore essential to have a Danish ski school, where the ski instructor’s good advice, the school’s fun activities and the company of other children can provide a wealth of positive experiences when your children go skiing for the first time.  

AlpenTravel: Good setting for a ski holiday with children

AlpenTravel offers hotels in Wagrain, Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein, among others – three destinations that have good, child-friendly ski areas that make sure to keep the children’s needs in focus during the ski holiday. Here, for example, there are good opportunities to book hotels with accommodation close to the children’s slopes, green or blue hills.

At several of the destinations you will also find Danish-speaking staff who are used to – and perhaps even trained in – taking care of children’s interests. In this way, the whole family is guaranteed hospitality and consideration for both children and beginners. A child-friendly ski destination also testifies that other skiers also take into account children on both the slopes, in the lifts and at the many common areas. It can ensure you, as a parent, greater security throughout the holiday.

Ski holiday with children

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Ski holiday with children

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