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Arrival information for bookings with AlpenTravel

Entry to Austria

The first steps to opening up Austria again is beginning now. New rules and guidelines will start from the 19th of May in Austria. This means that AlpenTravel can begin renting out our many apartments and chalets to people all over the world who wish to travel again. 

The new entry and quarantine rules in Austria will follow the ECDC map and its color markings:

– green/yellow/orange: free entry.
– red: entry without quarantine with documentation of a negative test, vaccination or past COVID-19 infection.
– dark red: entry with obligatory quarantine (can be interrupted after the 5th day with a negative test) as well as documentation that you have either been tested negative, have been vaccinated or have been previously infected.

Guidelines in Austria

Masks are required in Austria when visiting hotels, restaurants, culture/events, shopping among more instances. 

Restaurants are however opening again. Masks are required and you need documentation of a negative test, vaccination or previous infection. Restaurants can take groups of maximum 4 adults inside and 10 adults outside. The restaurants closes no later than 22.00. 

Events and culture life is also opening up again. The same rules for negative test, vaccination or previous infection applies. The events can consist of no more than 1.500 seated participants inside and 3.000 participants seated outside. Without designated seating, events can only take place with a maximum of 50 participants. No events run past 22.00.

100% free cancellation policy until 42 days before departure

Travelling has been filled with doubt for quite some time now. Many of us have had planned vacations cancelled and deposits or payments lost due to cancellation policies.

We want you to book your accommodation with AlpenTravel with peace of mind. We do not want you to worry about COVID-19 destroying your holiday plans and you losing your money. You can cancel your reservation with us up until 42 days before departure and we will refund 100% of your payment.

With AlpenTravel you can book your holiday with peace of mind. If you book a ski holiday today for next winter, and COVID-19 or other variables force you to cancel, your money is not lost.

AlpenTravel COVID-19 safety measures

We take COVID-19 very serious. We clean all accommodations after use to a very high standard to ensure that you do not have to worry. 

Any concerns or questions are welcome and we hope to see you soon in Austria again.


Send us a request and we will check availability and send you a complete offer


Send us a request and we will check availability and send you a complete offer