Familien Schiurlaub

Skiing is for many, a thing they associate with family time and coziness, and can you imagine something more fantastic than seeing the joy in the children’s eyes when they proudly show their parents that they have learned to make pizza with the skis? Ski holidays are a great holiday for the whole family, and therefore we at AlpenTravel, have a large selection of apartments that are perfect for the family holiday. If the trip goes to the child-friendly Wagrain, you can stay just 80 meters from the lift and ski right to the door when the ski day is over. In Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein, we also have many lovely apartments, which gives you a good opportunity for cozy gatherings for the whole family, whether it is the large or small family.

Ski holidays are an active way to spend your vacation as a family, and will create many unforgettable moments in stunning surroundings. Both in Wagrain and in Gastein, there is also the possibility of indoor activities, which are certainly a hit among the family’s younger members. For example, you can find water parks that can be visited after the end of the ski day, or during the day if the snow falls down, and the youngest members of the family are not in the mood to ski. If you choose to book a ski holiday through us, we are happy to help you book ski school, and assist with any questions.

Empfohlene Unterkünfte

Chalet Dorf Wagrain Adapura

Nur 80 Meter vom der Grafenbergbahn in Wagrain und direkt bei der Piste. Die Chalets sind aus exquisiten Materialien gebaut, die einen alpinen und gemütlichen Look verleihen.

Haus Wallner

Schöne großzügige Appartements im Zentrum von Bad Hofgastein, nur 350 Meter vom Schilift in Bad Hofgastein und 400 Meter vom Busbahnhof entfernt. Der Bus bringt Sie bequem zum Beispiel ins kinderfreundliche Angertal.

Apartment Dorf Wagrain Adapura

Nur 80 Meter vom der Grafenbergbahn in Wagrain und direkt bei der Piste. Das Gebiet besteht aus vielen neuen und schönen Wohnungen, die 5 bis 10 Personen beherbergen können.

Familien Schiurlaub

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