Wagrain is known for fantastic skiing and endless fun and enjoyment on the many slopes. People come to Wagrain for an amazing ski holiday unmatched by most other areas.

Wagrain and the surrounding cities do however have a lot more to offer than just slopes and skiing. There is plenty of other activities to sample and AlpenTravel can also highly recommend visiting Wagrain outside of the skiing season.

We have gathered 9 activities in or near Wagrain that suits many different needs and desires. We can always recommend skiing in Wagrain, but what else can you do? Continue reading and find out!

1. Wasserwelt Wagrain

Wagrain can boast of having an amazing water park that is perfect for all ages.

The 1450 m2 water surface is divided into 950 m2 outdoor pools and 450 m2 indoor pools making it the perfect destination all year round. Outside you will find four slides and inside you will find two slides, the turbo slide and the black hole.

Inside Wasserwelt Wagrain also has a lounging bay with massage benches and access to various saunas:

  • Soft sauna (60°C)
  • Finnish sauna (90°C)
  • Tent sauna on the roof (90°C)
  • Steam bath (45°C)
  • Infrared cabin (45°C)
  • Organic Swiss pine sauna (55°C)
  • Herbal steam bath (45°C)

The water park have multiple pools inside for both children and adults and some of them are heated which makes the water park a lovely destination during the winter season too.

The outside is perfect for families looking to either relax or enjoy themselves. There is a big lawn perfect for tanning and relaxing on the many available sunbeds.

Wasserwelt Wagrain even has a Mickey Mouse pool for the smallest children and a children’s playground including a toy ship to play on.

There is even an outside pool bistro with open-air dining called “Sommertreff”.

Opening hours

The openings hours for Wasserwelt Wagrain in the coming months are as follow:


You can view the prices for Wasserwelt Wagrain here.

Check out Wasserwelt Wagrain and its features in this video!

2. & 3. Wagrainis Grafenberg + KUHbidu Adventure Trail

Wagrainis Grafenberg and KUHbidu Adventure Trail are two absolute must-try summer activities for families trying to explore the mountains whilst also having fun.

Both activities are found at the top of the Grafenberg mountain which is accessible with the Grafenbergbahn lift. The Grafenbergbahn is a comfortable 6-seat gondola which even has room for a baby stroller so the entire family can enjoy the activities.

Right next to the Grafenbergbahn you can stay in AlpenTravel’s amazing Apartment Dorf Wagrain Alpenleben or Chalet Dorf Wagrain Alpenleben.

The lift will take you 1700 meters up in the air and straight to the entrance of Wagrainis Grafenberg nature & mountain adventure world and the beginning of the KUHbidu Adventure Trail.

Learn more about the adventures of Wagrain Grafenberg nature & mountain adventure world and KUHbidu Adventure Trail here. AlpenTravel can highly recommend both activities for families visiting Wagrain.

All of it is stroller friendly and there are access to toilets (also for the disabled) and free parking and Wi-Fi.

If you seek a day full of fun, playing and exploration these are the perfect family activities.

You can see the opening hours and ticket prices on this link.

4. Waggerl House Museum

Karl Heinrich Waggerl is regarded as one of Austria’s most prominent and significant poets and writers.

If you seek some culture and insight into Austria, this is an activity for you.

The Waggerl house museum showcases where the poet lived and wrote a lot of his material. The Waggerl house museum is an insight into his literary journey and development.

Karl Heinrich Waggerl was born in Bad Gastein in 1897 and became a teacher in Wagrain after returning from war imprisonment in Italy in 1920.

He retreated from teaching after 3 years due to illness and started his career as a writer and a poet. He sold over 7 million copies of his work and it was translated to multiple languages.

His most famous works are the novels “Brot” (“Bread”), “Schweres Blut” (“Heavy Blood”) and “Mütter” (“Mothers”).

You can see Waggerl House Museum’s opening hours and prices here.

5. Liechtenstein Gorge

The Liechtenstein Gorge is a short drive away from Wagrain, but it is absolutely worth taking the time to visit the natural wonder.

The attraction has been renovated to showcase the impressive beauty of the Austrian nature in a new and more daring fashion.

You can climb the stairs of the spiral staircase “Helix” and explore 30 meters of the beautiful gorge.

The Liechtenstein Gorge is a marvellous sight and one of longest and deepest in the Alps. The sight and sound of the waterfall is incredible and along with the moss covered rocks and rainbows created from the sunrays, the entire experience is unique.

Close to the Liechtenstein Gorge you will also find two restaurants where you can enjoy a meal after exploring the Austrian nature.

You can view the opening hours and prices for tickets here.

6. Bathing lake Flachauwinkl

The Flachauwinkl bathing lake is the perfect way to enjoy the wonderful Austrian nature and only a 15-minute drive away from Wagrain.

The water is clear and beautiful and the lake is big and spacious. And the best part is that access to the bathing lake is free.

The Flachauwinkl bathing lake is unique in that way that you are surrounded by mountains and green lawns suitable for sunbathing.

You will also find a beach volleyball field and an adventure playground for kids where they can play on a pirate ship.

If you are seeking adrenaline and adventure, you can also take the challenge of a high rope climbing course with a flying fox across the lake.

You even have the possibility to rent kajaks and stand-up paddleboards and when the hunger strikes you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant Seestüberl.

We recommend Flachauwinkl bathing lake since it is wheelchair accessible and have toilets and changing cabines. And once again, all of this is free and you can access it at any time.

You can find the bathing lake at this address:
Flachauwinklstraße 212, 5542

7. Absolut Park

Absolut Park is an extremely interesting activity for all ski lovers in Wagrain. Absolut Park is Austria’s biggest snow park and has continued to grow year after year for 20 years.

Absolut Park is divided into seven sections and has more than a 100 obstacles on its 1.5 km area.

Absolut Park gives you the opportunity to enjoy skiing with a twist of freestyling and is suitable for all ages and levels.

You owe to it yourself to visit Absolut Park if you love skiing. You can read more about the park and its obstacles here.

8. Salzburg

Salzburg is obviously not in Wagrain, but is luckily only an hour away by car.

It is your opportunity to enjoy culture and city life even if you are on a skiing holiday or enjoying the Austrian nature during the summer.

Salzburg is on UNESCO’s world heritage list because of its historical sights. The city has multiple sights to behold including castles and the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart.

Salzburg is also known for being used as the surroundings for the movie The Sound of Music.

Salzburg have also just hosted their 100th anniversary of their world famous music festival that celebrates opera, music and acting.

But Salzburg is also an opportunity to go shopping and visits museums and nice restaurants. It has everything to offer that you might not find in Wagrain.

9. Eisriesenwelt

Eisriesenwelt is another great piece of the magnificent Austrian nature. It is an ice cave found in the Alps that have been a tourist attraction for almost a 100 years now.

The Eisriesenwelt ice cave is a labyrinth with more than 40 kilometers in total length. It is an extremely beautiful sight and the science behind it is interesting and goes back millions of years.

The experience of visiting the cave has been improved over the years and is something you can not miss when visiting Austria. It is a unique experience that will stay with you forever.

You can read more about the cave and see prices and opening hours here.

Thanks for reading.

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